Here at PC Repair we take pride in the quality and reliability of the Pc's we build, sell and repair. All of our new Pc's are built to customer specification and we take the time to establish what the customer needs and wants before we build a PC.

All machines that are built or repaired by us including refurbished computers that we sell are rigorously tested and benchmarked to make sure that what you buy from us is a good quality computer with a fresh operating system installed.

We also always give a 6 month warranty on our refurbished products to give you peace of mind for what your buying from us. 

---------------------- PC and Laptop Repairs ----------------------

As well as building Pc's we also repair Laptops and Pc's - we will call and collect your pc and we will diagnose and repair any faults - including software issues, hardware faults and electrical problems such as faulty power jacks.  

 Our average turn around time for PC and laptop repairs is 1-2 working days - this can be longer in some situations, especially if there is a hardware fault and new parts need to be ordered, or if we need to perform a component level repair and we need to get a new jack socket or capacitors delivered this can take up to 7 days in some cases.

 Contact Simon at PC Repair on 

 0800 180 4098 or you can send us

an email to 

and remember our advice is always free. 


Here at PC Repair we can help people who are on a low income (receiving benefits,tax credits etc) by refurbishing your pc and upgrading your operating system. If your pc or laptop has windows Vista, 7 or 8 installed we will do a full PC MOT, including internal clean and install genuine Windows 10 (inc COA key) all for only £40 giving an older PC a new lease of life and saving money.

You can find us in the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Directory 

Our refurbisher ID: 240025859

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We can help you with:

• laptop power problems
• wireless equipment installation
• laptop screen replacement
• spyware removal
• virus removal and prevention
• data backup / transfer
• pc and laptop repairs
• hardware repair / replacement
• software / hardware troubleshooting
• system reinstallation
• computer upgrades
• system speed improvement
• operating system upgrades
• and all other laptop or pc problems

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