When your screen has been broken at PC Repair we can replace it for a lot less than what the major retailers would charge you (see bottom right of page) its worth giving us a call so we can give you the best quote around.

When your screen has split it will look like ink is running down your screen call us we can replace this.


It is easy to tell when your screen has been smashed but don't worry its easy for us to replace it with a new one.


When we replace your screen here’s what you get:

  • Quality Fitting by Expert Engineers we take care and pride in our work and always put the customer first.
  • Great price - fitting and parts always inclusive in our price and no hidden extras, prices from £44.99.
  • Same Day Replacement Service - if we have your screen size in stock we will have it replaced the same day.
  • Guarantee all our work is expertly carried out and always guaranteed whether we fit a new screen or a refurbished screen in your Laptop.


New Laptop screen prices

(prices include screen and fitting service)

8.9" from £44.99 - 10.1" from £49.99 - 12.1" from £54.99 - 14.1" from £59.99 - 15" from £49.99 - 15.4" from £59.99 - 15.6" from £69.99 - 16.1" from £69.99 - 17.1" from £74.99 - prices may fluctuate slightly.

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