pc brands


Service call-out fee

 for setting up pc,laptop,printer or onsite repairs

up to 1 hour - £20


Data recovery

from - £20

ADSL/Cable Internet Setup
 with Secure wireless



Laptop screen replacement


(see screen page) from - £44.99

Hard drive (HDD) replacement

This is to replace the hard drive and reinstall the operating system . Also includes basic software packages.

(depends on size)  from - £60


Virus and Spyware removal

from - £15

Refurbish PC/Laptop

upgrade from windows XP/Vista to windows 7 pro for customers on low income or benefits includes COA.



New DC (jack)/USB socket fitted

 from - £30

Windows upgrade or downgrade

(don't like Windows 8 or 10 just give us a call

we can install win 7 or you can go up from W7)  

Windows 7 Professional fully installed

including disk and COA


(includes internal clean and all the relevant work carried out and you get the disk and COA to know its all Genuine Windows)

Windows wipe and reload ( installation )

- wipe with no data to backup
- wipe with data to retrieve and backup

 (data save)

(both include software pack of anti virus etc)





New Laptop keyboard

fitted from - £20

New PSU tower  (power supply unit) 

PSU inc fitting from - £25

New DVD WR fitted

DVD WR inc fitting - £25


System clean - Clean registry, remove unwanted programs and files, scan and remove spyware and remove dust from the PC or Laptop.Benchmark tests, fans and heat sink cleaned and new paste applied.Laptops stripped and cleaned inside to keep them cooler in use.Your PC or Laptop will run faster, cooler and easier.

Tower - £20

Laptop - £25